The process of growing a thick mustache like Axelrod

There are numerous means that improve the process of growing a thick mustache. Of course, most people are just born with the genetics in such way that the only thing they need to do is let the time pass by and take care of it. For the ones who are not embraced with such genetics growing a thick mustache is something very challenging. Anyway, in most cases the one and only thing that men need to do to grow a mustache is to have patience and let the body take care of it’s own. While this happens, they need to help the body as much as they can by providing a good environment. A good body environment reflects on the way in which a man takes care of him, by keeping a clean face, by having enough hours of sleep, a good healthy diet and low levels on stress. This happens to be extremely important in the process of growing a thick mustache because these things can affect directly the body as the alcohol affects the liver. To grow a mustache you have to keep a clean face, you have to clean it daily with warm water instead of standard soap. This is recommended because the standard soap can be very abrasive and damaging to the skin. Instead, you can use a special moisturizing facial lotion to keep the skin hydrated during the day. Another reason that affects the process of growing a mustache is the amount of sleep taken at the end of a day. Getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every day is very important not just in the process of growing a mustache but in general, to keep your mind healthy and rested. This also keeps a very low level of stress during the next day. By keeping a healthy life and a strong body, the process of growing a thick mustache becomes easier and of course, to help speed up the process specific lotions can be used. These lotions are recommended by dermatologists to contain coconut oil, rosemary essential oil, cinnamon powder or lemon juice because it speeds up the process of growing facial hair.As a conclusion, growing a thick mustache it’s something natural and in most cases time is essential. Taking care of your body and mind will help the process of growing a mustache from all perspectives.


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