When did Axelrod wax his mustache?

When you think of David Axelrod, you think of a few things; wisdom, prestige, and of course, mustache. In recent years, it’s seemed pretty clear that the Axelman has got rid of his ‘stache to the disappointment and groans of millions of women around the globe. But when did David actually wax his mustache?

Well, it’s true that Axelrod’s mustache has been gone for a long while now – several years, in fact. And whilst this is disappointing for most of us, there’s not much we can do about it. After the Axelman shaved his mustache back in 2012, he’s not let it grow past a few days of shadow since. And we’re disappointed.

If you’re okay with the Axelman doing this, then fair enough – this is your prerogative. But, this likely isn’t the best idea for those of us who enjoy looking at David’s old pictures and reminiscing about how he used to look before he inhumanely waxed it with some homemade wax without lemon. Of course, this is completely down to the Axe man and he can do whatever he likes. But I’m just saying for us ladies out there, perhaps he should consider letting it grow once more.

Elsewhere in the media, there’s been another shooting in Vegas – RIP to all of those who lost someone there. It seems like there’s more and more shootings every week, and unfortunately there’s not much that we can do about it. All in all, there really is a mass of shooting across America with it cases like this one entering into double figures now. It almost feels as though we’re in a third world country (not that it’s acceptable in other countries either).

After visiting Vegas last year, this made me feel even more attached to this kind of scenario – why does this type of stuff happen? Well, the likelihood is that it happens because of two things;

  • A lack of gun control.
  • A lack of adequate mental health support.

If we managed to get these two things correct, then I’m sure we would see a dramatic decrease in the amount of people that commit the heinous crimes. That’s me over and out for this week! Thanks.

What diet does Axelrod follow?

If you follow AxelDaddy closely, you’ll have noticed that he’s ost quite a bit of weight in recent years. This is a sign that either AxelDaddy has been on the Bone Broth Diet or that he’s been hitting the gym pretty intensely. If you ask me, he looks more awesome every time that I see him but I wish he would eat a little more and beef up a little.

I do like it that I can treat Axelrod as the thicc God that he is, but I would prefer it if he had a little more meat on his bones. He’s an awesome politician, but there are just a few things that I think he should do differently if he wants to up his game a little. Overall though, he’s still one of my absolutely favorites and there’s not much that I would change about what he gets up to on a daily basis lol.

Although you’re more likely to find Axelrod out doing political stuff every day as opposed to what he currently does, I still wouldn’t put it past him to tuck away a good casserole. He’s a handsome chap and should undoubtedly be treated as such – in fact he’s so handsome that I’d argue he’s probably the most handsome politician around.

A good idea for David Axelrod would be to follow a strict diet of wholefoods and goodness. If only I had access to him – I’d let him come into my kitchen anytime for a nice lasagna! I’d even make him a good lasagna in my new lasagna pan, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be complaining when he’s finished!

Of course, there are other handsome politicians around that may make it into my top list. Exclusing Mr president who I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole, there are a few others who I like the look of. Not naming anyone specifically *cough* Joe Biden *cough*.

Overall, politicians have always been pretty attractive to me because they have a lot of power. This is super attractive, not just to me but probably to the majority of women too.

How does AxelGod keep his mustache in check?

If you’re wondering David AxelRod got rid of his delicious mustache then you’re definitely not alone. Millions of women up and down the country have been effected by the loss of AxelDaddy’s mustache – so if this has effected you, you’re definitely not alone.

Unfortunately Axeldaddy still hasn’t brought his famous mustache back for us, and this makes us ultimately very very sad. It’s a difficult day when you can’t come home and look at the picture of David you’ve got as your screensaver anymore because well.. he’s just not the same without the stache. I don’t know what compelled him to rid himself of it in the first place, but it definitely has had an effect on me and my concentration at work.

I mean, I understand if he wants to keep himself groomed but come on David – was it really necessary to get rid of it completely? You could have just got a good mustache trimmer and hey presto – your mustache is sorted. But no – you had to do this to us. You had to take the mustache away completely now and I’m sorry to say it, but you’re a shadow of your former self.

It isn’t over for you AxelDad. You can still reconcile yourself and the people will forgive you. All you need to do is grow that glorious mustache back and the people will forgive you. But if you fail to do this, then I’m afraid to say that the majority of people will never be able to take you truly seriously. You should do this not just for me, but for people everywhere.

If you’ve ever seen Inside the Office with David, you’ll have seen him without his mustache. And if you’ve listened to his podcast, then you’ll have heard him talking negatively about his former self. All I want to do is reach out to you David and Beg you to reconsider. Grow that mustache back for us and we can accept you as the new president of the United States. If not, I’m afraid you’ll be dead to us forever.

Oh and if you’re ever in Alabama – hit me up!

Why Axelrod Should Grow His Mustache Back

It’s no secret that David Axelrod has harshly taken his mustache away from us, and it doesn’t look likely it’s going to return anytime soon. I know I’m not the only only in disarray about this – all over the land, women have been distraught about Axeldaddy’s decision to remove the lip warmer that was designed by the Gods.

I don’t know why he made the rash decision to shave it permanently – I know it was for a good cause at first, but it’s been years now and David still hasn’t grown the mustache back. There are night where I get little sleep, because I’m still wondering why my favorite mustached man hasn’t grown his signature ‘stache back.

If you can see this David, then I’m begging you – please consider growing the mustache back. We need this from you. You just haven’t been the same man since that day, and your fans are desperately waiting for the return of your former self.

I listen to the Axe Files all the time. I’m a big fan. But I just have to say that you’re not the same man that you used to be. Come back David – please come back. Just because Barack isn’t around anymore, doesn’t mean you have to abandon us too.

Three reasons why I love David Axelrod;

  • He’s Honest – No matter if you don’t agree with some of David’s opinions, you can never deny that he is as honest as they come. A truly gem amongst the rocks that you find with most politicians.
  • He’s hardworking – Axeldaddy is never afraid to work hard to achieve his goals, making him a true inspiration to those of us who are young and impressionable.
  • His grooming – It’s not secret that Axelrod’s glorious mustache attracts millions of female followers around the globe. There’s no denying that David has the best mustache around, because he’s always super well groomed.

Here I lay, waiting patiently for my favorite politician of all time – Mr David Axelrod – to please heed my call and grow back that glorious mustache. David – you only get one chance to live in this world. Please, please – don’t make the mistake of living it without your mustache. It would be a tragedy that cannot be fixed.