How does AxelGod keep his mustache in check?

If you’re wondering David AxelRod got rid of his delicious mustache then you’re definitely not alone. Millions of women up and down the country have been effected by the loss of AxelDaddy’s mustache – so if this has effected you, you’re definitely not alone.

Unfortunately Axeldaddy still hasn’t brought his famous mustache back for us, and this makes us ultimately very very sad. It’s a difficult day when you can’t come home and look at the picture of David you’ve got as your screensaver anymore because well.. he’s just not the same without the stache. I don’t know what compelled him to rid himself of it in the first place, but it definitely has had an effect on me and my concentration at work.

I mean, I understand if he wants to keep himself groomed but come on David – was it really necessary to get rid of it completely? You could have just got a good mustache trimmer and hey presto – your mustache is sorted. But no – you had to do this to us. You had to take the mustache away completely now and I’m sorry to say it, but you’re a shadow of your former self.

It isn’t over for you AxelDad. You can still reconcile yourself and the people will forgive you. All you need to do is grow that glorious mustache back and the people will forgive you. But if you fail to do this, then I’m afraid to say that the majority of people will never be able to take you truly seriously. You should do this not just for me, but for people everywhere.

If you’ve ever seen Inside the Office with David, you’ll have seen him without his mustache. And if you’ve listened to his podcast, then you’ll have heard him talking negatively about his former self. All I want to do is reach out to you David and Beg you to reconsider. Grow that mustache back for us and we can accept you as the new president of the United States. If not, I’m afraid you’ll be dead to us forever.

Oh and if you’re ever in Alabama – hit me up!

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