What diet does Axelrod follow?

If you follow AxelDaddy closely, you’ll have noticed that he’s ost quite a bit of weight in recent years. This is a sign that either AxelDaddy has been on the Bone Broth Diet or that he’s been hitting the gym pretty intensely. If you ask me, he looks more awesome every time that I see him but I wish he would eat a little more and beef up a little.

I do like it that I can treat Axelrod as the thicc God that he is, but I would prefer it if he had a little more meat on his bones. He’s an awesome politician, but there are just a few things that I think he should do differently if he wants to up his game a little. Overall though, he’s still one of my absolutely favorites and there’s not much that I would change about what he gets up to on a daily basis lol.

Although you’re more likely to find Axelrod out doing political stuff every day as opposed to what he currently does, I still wouldn’t put it past him to tuck away a good casserole. He’s a handsome chap and should undoubtedly be treated as such – in fact he’s so handsome that I’d argue he’s probably the most handsome politician around.

A good idea for David Axelrod would be to follow a strict diet of wholefoods and goodness. If only I had access to him – I’d let him come into my kitchen anytime for a nice lasagna! I’d even make him a good lasagna in my new lasagna pan, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be complaining when he’s finished!

Of course, there are other handsome politicians around that may make it into my top list. Exclusing Mr president who I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole, there are a few others who I like the look of. Not naming anyone specifically *cough* Joe Biden *cough*.

Overall, politicians have always been pretty attractive to me because they have a lot of power. This is super attractive, not just to me but probably to the majority of women too.

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