When did Axelrod wax his mustache?

When you think of David Axelrod, you think of a few things; wisdom, prestige, and of course, mustache. In recent years, it’s seemed pretty clear that the Axelman has got rid of his ‘stache to the disappointment and groans of millions of women around the globe. But when did David actually wax his mustache?

Well, it’s true that Axelrod’s mustache has been gone for a long while now – several years, in fact. And whilst this is disappointing for most of us, there’s not much we can do about it. After the Axelman shaved his mustache back in 2012, he’s not let it grow past a few days of shadow since. And we’re disappointed.

If you’re okay with the Axelman doing this, then fair enough – this is your prerogative. But, this likely isn’t the best idea for those of us who enjoy looking at David’s old pictures and reminiscing about how he used to look before he inhumanely waxed it with some homemade wax without lemon. Of course, this is completely down to the Axe man and he can do whatever he likes. But I’m just saying for us ladies out there, perhaps he should consider letting it grow once more.

Elsewhere in the media, there’s been another shooting in Vegas – RIP to all of those who lost someone there. It seems like there’s more and more shootings every week, and unfortunately there’s not much that we can do about it. All in all, there really is a mass of shooting across America with it cases like this one entering into double figures now. It almost feels as though we’re in a third world country (not that it’s acceptable in other countries either).

After visiting Vegas last year, this made me feel even more attached to this kind of scenario – why does this type of stuff happen? Well, the likelihood is that it happens because of two things;

  • A lack of gun control.
  • A lack of adequate mental health support.

If we managed to get these two things correct, then I’m sure we would see a dramatic decrease in the amount of people that commit the heinous crimes. That’s me over and out for this week! Thanks.

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